Jill Torigian

Jill Torigian is President and co-owner of Multimed. Jill’s acquired expertise in publishing, combined with a natural curiosity and thirst for innovative practices has led to Multimed’s evergreen growth and evolution in a field of highly competitive multinationals. With an uncompromised focus on client needs, predicated on a foundation of integrity and purpose, Jill’s results-driven deliverables is testament to the loyalty and relationships enjoyed amongst a longstanding client list.

As a foray into the publishing world, Jill worked with founding editor and internationally renowned nephrologist, Dr. Dimitrios Oreopolous, as Multimed stepped into academia via the peer reviewed medical publication, Peritoneal Dialysis International (PDI). Jill helped establish key deliverables for both Multimed and the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD). An ongoing commitment to evolving business lines and deliverables inspired Jill to develop and implement the ‘100 Step Publishing Process’ for PDI. Streamlining workflow, reducing costs, and increasing value for the society remain foundational more than a quarter century later with a much-valued client.

Current Oncology is a leading Canadian oncology research journal, owned and published by Multimed since its inception in 1994. Jill, leading a dedicated team of highly skilled young professionals, has created an environment of continuous process improvement in all areas of publishing Current Oncology. The exploration and timely sequencing of contemporary research work has contributed to an improved impact factor, while delivering industry specific research to Canadian oncologists.

During the first half of the 1990s, Jill was instrumental in moving Multimed toward new technology. Online purchasing, electronic document transfer, and creative workplace flexibilities has helped ensure Multimed remain current and forward leaning, attracting and retaining talented and dedicated employees. With a clear sense that traditional publishing models were at risk, Jill successfully steered Multimed into the Open Journal System (OJS) of publishing. ‘Open access’ peer reviewed publishing was a first for Multimed and successfully launched in 2003 with the publication of the Journal of Applied Clinical and Medical Physics. As the landscape of traditional publishing changes, the number of open access journals published by Multimed continues to grow.

Jill is a collaborator and a visionary, a rare combination of attributes that allows for practical solutions to relevant problems, a commitment to creativity and innovation, and inspiration through envisaging. Jill’s genuine and selfless commitment to the ongoing development of others, namely creating opportunities for knowledge transfer and increased responsibilities, highlights a naturally successful leadership quality seldom observed. A gifted learner, a loyal partner, and trusted industry leader, Jill has successfully carved an impeccable reputation amongst international giants.

Jill is regularly sought out for expert publishing advice from colleagues, friends, and students worldwide. Whether it’s volunteering time to academic professionals chronicling their pursuits through personal publications, friends wishing to share their gifts of insight and intrigue, or a young student creating a children’s book that boldly shares her life’s challenges living with a debilitating disease, Jill finds time to help others. Jill mentors young people newly placed in the business world, as well as young women about to enter what can be an intimidating and challenging new environment.

Jill’s spiritual fulfillment is gleaned through fitness, music, cooking, and yoga.

You may contact her at jilltorigian@multi-med.com