Lorne Cooper

Lorne is the Founder and CEO of Multimed. Early in his career, Lorne established a reputation for creating, developing, and implementing strategic marketing programs for his client base which included multinational pharmaceutical and medical device corporations. Lorne’s expertise as an industry leader in innovative healthcare publishing has improved the translation of research knowledge from scientist to patient, and has redefined the physician-patient relationship.

In 1980, Lorne developed the Renal Family Magazine which became the prototype for future publication formats educating patients about their health and disease state and developing methods to promote physician-patient relations. The Renal Family was distributed to 19 countries worldwide.

Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, Lorne continued to develop a portfolio of medical and healthcare publications focusing on a multitude of specialty areas including cardiology, nephrology, orthopaedics, and urology, to name a few.

He developed the business and publishing model for the internationally renowned kidney journal Peritoneal Dialysis International.

In 1993, Lorne co-founded and was Chairman of the Canadian Health Development Foundation, a non-share capital corporation comprised of leading hospitals and multinational corporations and designed to forge business development opportunities amongst the partners to improve delivery of services to both hospital environments and their patient populations. In this capacity, he was involved in the negotiations with these partners and senior government officials on the deputy premier and cabinet levels to ascertain the modality’s efficacy and development opportunities for pharmaceutical investments on a province by province basis. Lorne’s clients included Kodak, Upjohn, Siemens, Zimmer, Bard, Howmedica, Baxter International and major hospitals including Vancouver General, University of Alberta, St. Boniface, and Sunnybrook.

In 1994, Lorne founded and continues to publish Current Oncology, which is the leading Canadian peer-reviewed oncology journal in Canada. In 2012, it received an impact factor of 2.473 making it one of the most prestigious oncology journals in the world.

Lorne’s most recent project is the development of the Cancer Knowledge Network which is an online teaching and educational resource for oncology healthcare professionals, cancer patients, and their caregivers. CKN was launched in April 2011 and has established a broad international readership and social media following.

Lorne’s ability to develop a conceptual model into practical programs and sustainable businesses is an expertise sought out by many corporations, non-profit organizations, governments, and small businesses. His ability to interpret the current marketplace and identify key opportunities for project development has been the cornerstone of his career.

Lorne’s expertise in contract negotiations, team building techniques, community engagement, and strategic marketing has advanced his capacity to develop new and innovative business and project development opportunities with sustainable long term results.

Lorne continues to cultivate new projects in both the medical and healthcare fields utilizing new and emerging technologies for the delivery of information to both the medical and patient communities worldwide.

Lorne serves as a mentor for students in the International Institute for Global Learning and currently has students in Rwanda and Nigeria.

You may contact him at lorne.cooper@multi-med.com