Cancer Knowledge Network

Cancer patients and their carers need reliable sources of content. Content that speaks to their needs during and after a cancer diagnosis. Content that helps them attain and manage a better quality of life. CKN is that source.

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After we observed the lack of credible online cancer survivorship content available, Multimed’s project management team went to work designing a solution. We created an online resource that cultivates content such as evidence-based research summaries written by oncology professionals and personal narratives written by cancer patients, all delivered online and via social media to our global cancer community. Our creative team harnesses the power of knowledge transfer by designing ground breaking solutions for research-based needs.

We foresee a future where all cancer patients and their carers have access to medical and academic knowledge. Through our CKN projects, we have cultivated an environment where patients, doctors, and academics around the world can communicate more effectively with each other.

CKN is a community.your community when you need it most.


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