Case Study: #KidsCancerPain Campaign “Together,
we’re making cancer less painful for kids.”

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CKN was approached by Jennifer Stinson (SickKids Hospital) and Dr. Christine Chambers (Centre for Pediatric Pain Research at the IWK Health Centre) to partner on a grant application to the Canadian Cancer Society to improve the translation of knowledge about how to manage pain in children and youth with cancer.  The application was accepted and the campaign began!

#KidsCancerPain (KCP) is housed on the CKN website and the CKN social media platforms to reach parents of children with cancer to help them better manage their children’s cancer pain using evidence-based research offered in a parent-friendly style.

Various elements, such as blogs, social media images, videos, and Facebook Polls were chosen as the best forms of media to use to deliver the information and resources to parents.

Website Creation and IT Expertise:

In collaboration with our IT team and the KCP team, we designed and built a custom web page on the CKN website to feature all the elements of the project, including the mission statement, blogs, social media portal, videos and images, as well as featured logos of the grant sponsor and our valued partners. CKN also designed a template for the monthly e-newsletters which are sent to our database of viewers, including a newly created audience of childhood cancer advocates and social media ambassadors in the global cancer community.

Consultation with the KCP Principal Investigators (PI):

Over the course of many months, we conferred with the KCP PI’s to define the scope of the campaign, the production schedule and the potential partners to invite to participate. The scope of the campaign included many sub-topics, many of which CKN is responsible for handling, including:

  • naming the project and determining a hashtag;
  • designing the webpages on the CKN website dedicated to the KCP project, and working with our IT team to build it;
  • choosing gender and age sensitive images to be used for the campaign;
  • choosing a group of parents from the CKN community to invite to participate in a Parent Panel – this group vets all KCP content before it gets published;
  • production schedule – scheduling the publication of the various elements of the campaign, including blogs, social media images, videos, Facebook polls, email newsletters and communication with the Research Team members and Parent Panel members;
  • input towards the creation of all social media elements;
  • CKN is responsible for finding bloggers to write the written content;
  • publishing all elements of the campaign each month on the CKN website;
  • assisting in developing, strategizing and scheduling the social media posts for each element of the project;
  • engaging the childhood cancer community on social media via our established contacts and social media ambassadors;
  • writing and publishing monthly e-newsletters with links to all new content and suggestions for social media sharing.

Blog Preparation

Once the KCP research team writes the evidence-based research summaries, CKN draws from its network of writers to find someone suitable to write the monthly blogs. We work with the writers to ensure the blogs:

  • are in line with the mission statement;
  • adhere to the research summaries;
  • use parent-friendly language;
  • include information and resources that are relevant to parents who have children with cancer;
  • are approved by both the Research Team as well as the Parent Panel for accuracy and relevancy;
  • include testimonials from children and parents who have experience with cancer.

Social Media Dissemination:

KCP was launched via a social media Thunderclap. Over 300 supporters joined and shared the message reaching over 1.7 million people, trending in Canada.

All elements (blogs, images, videos, etc.) of the KCP campaign are broadly disseminated using CKN’s well established social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook) and scheduled to optimize engagement in the global community.

Regularly scheduled emails go out to the Parent Panel as well as the Research Team to encourage social media sharing, including suggested posts and easily shared links.

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