Partnership with the Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation

Posted by Margaret on June 2, 2017 in

Since 1980, Multimed has been internationally recognized for ingenuity, creativity, and vision in project development. We balance innovation with expertise, understanding the ever-changing climate in the academic and medical sectors.  Multimed has established a large network of key players in the cancer and healthcare communities and it is our mandate to include the patient voice in all our endeavours, ultimately assisting in linking patients to potential new therapies, services and improved healthcare.  The mandate of the Ivey International Centre for Health Innovation is to act as a catalyst for health system transformation by leading the adoption of a value-based health care decision-making process and contributing to systematic improvements in efficiency and effectiveness within health systems in Canada and internationally.  The Centre’s research focuses on building a value-based health care system through the successful creation and implementation of innovative solutions.

The Ivey / Multimed partnership will seek to find innovative health delivery solutions and services which will result in sustainable value-driven results for patient consumers, and identify meaningful opportunities which will move the patient included concept forward in practical terms.

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