Patient Engagement: The Health Ideation Division

Posted by Margaret on June 2, 2017 in
Dear Readers,


As I hope you note in my bio, I have a long and successful history in seeing conceptual ideas formulated into practical outcomes.  Also, I am well versed in the personal struggles of chronic care as I’ve been a kidney transplant patient for over 40 years.  Over this time I have learned first hand what one needs to do to survive as a patient, which often took me beyond the scope of conventional medical knowledge.


Although CKN has recently been honoured to achieve “Patient Included” status – a designation we take very seriously – including patients is nothing new to us.  We’ve achieved this status as a result of our long history of putting patients first; I’ve built my career around including the patient voice in every project I take on.


From my creation of the first ever “patient magazine” (Renal Family Magazine) in 1980, to my development of the first Canadian peer-reviewed oncology journal (Current Oncology) in 1994 which includes special supplements for patients, and my recent work with CKN which includes projects like #KidsCancerPain, the Oncofertility Referral Network and the National Oncofertility Database – I’ve been creating and developing projects along with patient groups for almost 40 years.


Along with my Project Development Assistant, Karen Irwin, we have a proven track record of utilizing our collective experiences to identify areas in need of development in the healthcare sector, designing solutions for those needs, and implementing the solutions quickly and efficiently.  Karen brings to the table her deep personal insight after losing her 7 year old son to brain cancer; she’s been on the front lines of our healthcare environment for many years.  Her ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with key players in the global cancer community through developing and managing special projects for CKN, using social and other media, has been a fundamental component to our success.


Our Strategic Advisory Board members are a key element to the Health Ideation Division.  We’ve been building relationships for years and our connections to leaders in the healthcare and business communities are what set us apart.  It is our objective to harness the skills, knowledge and experience of our board members to drive this project forward.  We envision a “think tank” environment where all our members will be free to suggest ideas and develop opportunities in response to current changes in the global healthcare setting.


If you have an idea for a Patient Included project, if you think your experience and/or skill sets would lend themselves to our Strategic Advisory Board, or if you’d like to discuss how you can play a leadership role in moving Patient Engagement forward in today’s environment, I’d be happy to speak with you.  You can reach me at


Yours sincerely,
Lorne Cooper
CEO Multimed Inc.