Multimed Envisions a New
Academic Publishing Paradigm

Multimed is a full-service academic publisher. We develop publications from manuscript submission through all stages of production to final distribution, by online and/or print publication. As a result, your research journal achieves its full potential as an innovative and reputable resource in your industry. We offer a comprehensive approach to publishing and we deliver with reliability, professionalism, and proven results.

Your journal demands expertise in scholarly publishing, a high-quality yet cost-effective product, and the flexibility to publish through open access systems and/or traditional print publishing. As its representative, you deserve a personal approach and tailored solutions that fit the specific needs of your association or journal. At Multimed, you get both.

Publishing, coordinating, and mainĀ­taining a high-quality academic journal requires insight and ability.

We can help.

Multimed understands your need for economical, quality publishing which is why our services are always tailored to suit your specific circumstances.

Ask us for a comprehensive proposal that will support the editorial vision of your journal.

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