Multimed has an experienced production team that can arrange, coordinate, and manage all aspects of production from manuscript submission and editing through to publishing. Our prepress services include:

Journal Production Management
Multimed streamlines the production process to ensure that deadlines within the publication process are met. This alleviates the pressure and time placed on volunteers who would normally be required to manage the journal’s production.

Article Preparation (Copyediting, Layout and Proofreading)
Multimed’s experienced staff and suppliers provide professional copy-editing, layout design, and proof-reading, while also ensuring strict adherence to bibliographic and textual style. The final document is formatted into a professionally finished journal page, in either PDF, XML, and/or HTML, and ready for publication, be it print or online.

Online and/or Print Publication

Online Publication
Multimed prepares and uploads final approved files for online publication and dissemination. Included in this process is a quality assurance check on article metadata to ensure accuracy and consistency for optimal search capability.

Print Publication
Multimed offers traditional printing services and can provide efficient and cost-effective distribution worldwide.

Print Archive Digitization
Multimed can create digital files from archived print issues and convert them into searchable PDF files, XML and/or HTML. These can be used to create a complete, searchable online library for past issues.


Article Conversion
Multimed organizes and converts content to create electronic documents, such as HTML and XML, and ensures that files meet the requirements for scholarly databases and indexing providers such as PubMed, PubMed Central, Directory of Open Access Journals, and Crossref.

Deposit to Scholarly Databases and Indexes
Multimed has extensive knowledge of the various scholarly databases available to academic journals, and can assist in determining the appropriate time to apply for an index or database, and which ones would be most beneficial for your journal. Once your journal is accepted into a database, Multimed provides the necessary metadata and file submissions to update and maintain the journal within the index on an ongoing basis.

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