Trouble finding reviewers? Here are some tips to help!

    • Use your social media tools (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) or the announcement section of your journal’s site to post a “Call for Reviewers”—be sure to highlight some benefits of reviewing with your Journal, examples include:
      • You get to know the latest developments and ongoing research in your field
      • Enhances your scholarly, research and teaching skills
      • Your connection with your field gets highlighted
      • Help authors strengthen their work
    • Create an “Information for Reviewers” page to encourage new registration and help existing reviewers
    • Update your author guidelines to encourage authors to submit suggested reviewers
    • Request authors who are submitting to the Journal to also register as a reviewer
Quick Tips are easy and actionable steps you can take to improve readership, reviewer relations, and editorial workflow. For more information about how we can help, contact us at: