• About the Health Ideation Division

    We are galvanizing our 40 years’ experience, and our success with Cancer Knowledge Network and many other projects, to put together a preeminent international Health Ideation Division.

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  • Patient Inclusion

    Along with the healthcare community and all its stakeholders, we recognize that patient inclusion in the direction of healthcare priorities is not only a fundamental right but an economic reality.

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  • The HID Strategic Advisory Board

    The Health Ideation Division, utilizing the strengths of our selected and invited board members, consisting of leaders in the healthcare, patient advocacy, financial and business communities, will act as a key player in identifying meaningful opportunities which will move the patient included concept forward in practical terms.

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Leaders in Global Healthcare Project Development

Since 1980, Multimed has been internationally recognized for ingenuity, creativity, and vision in project development. We balance innovation with expertise, understanding the ever-changing climate in the academic and medical sectors.

We are solutions designers. We seek out and create projects to fill gaps in your organization or society. This high-level, high-impact methodology is what has made Multimed a pioneer in the publishing and project development industry. If you see a need in your industry or company, we can help you build the solution.

We pride ourselves on our diverse skill set, our progressive thinking, and our dedication to our clients’ success.  We’re trailblazers in the publishing field, and we recognize that the best solution is one that goes beyond article preparation, print, and publication into marketing, social media management, strategic planning, and project ideation. Simply ask us how we can help you propel your company into the future.

With Multimed, you are choosing a partner with a track record of versatility, long-term client relationships, and cutting-edge solutions.

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Cancer Knowledge Network

Cancer patients and their carers need reliable sources of content. Content that speaks to their needs during and after a cancer diagnosis. Content that helps them attain and manage a better quality of life. CKN is that source.

Current Oncology

Looking for a Canadian journal with an international reach and a solid impact factor?  Look no further….Current Oncology is Canada’s only peer-reviewed oncology journal with an impact factor of 2.048.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Current Oncology has been accepted for inclusion in MEDLINE!

The Multimed Team

Multimed consistently remains a small company of dedicated and experienced individuals. This staff structure ensures the level of personalized service and customized results your organization deserves.

Dr. Sharlene Gill

Deputy Editor

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Karen Irwin

Director Publishing

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Natalia March

Journals Manager

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