Social media is a valuable tool to create awareness of your journal and disseminate its meaningful research to a broad audience. It is also a useful tool to engage with your online community and grow the impact and reach of your Journal.

One of the keys to a successful social media presence is planning. You need a well laid out social media strategy and plan to make an impact. Here we offer our advice and tips to get you started:

Choose the Right Platform.

It’s important to choose the right social media channel. Consider where your Journal’s researchers are most active and how you want to share your content. We recommend focusing only on one or two platforms.

Identify Your Goals.

Identifying you goals will help you focus your attention on what matters to your Journal. Some examples include:

  • Reach a broader audience globally
  • Increase awareness of the Journal to both readers and potential future contributors
  • Share research and ideas to academics and practitioners more widely and accessibly
  • Encourage more contributions from a diverse pool of authors
  • Grow your pool of reviewers
  • Engage readers, practitioners, and contributors
  • Drive website traffic and article downloads

Determine Your Methods.

How will you keep your account filled with interesting content and engage with your online community? Some examples include:

  • Create compelling posts that entice people to want to read on
  • Share key points from articles to highlight content clearly
  • Proactively engage with followers, contributors, influencers in the field and key professional bodies
  • Create regular posts to keep followers engaged with relevant content

At Multimed, we believe that an active, open, and engaged community is a key to the growth and development of a Journal. Whether your Journal is already active on social media or looking to get started, we can help. Please see our Social Media Integration document for more information.

Looking for additional ideas and strategies? Do you need assistance implementing the above ideas?

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